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  • Congratulations, Mum.Ceo! 1 year old!

    Hi, Mums! Today we celebrate Mum.Ceo first year ! It has been a year not so consistent for Mum.Ceo but fruitful. Together we learned something and we are still in our path to succeed, because failures and errors can also be the first big step to change and improvement, isn’t it? How have you been? […]


    Mums, I have been feeling terribly frustrated about my unproductivity these last three weeks, so I started to review some self-help and motivational books to give me back some energy, motivation and discipline. Of course, that motivation and action comes mainly inside ourselves but reading or hearing something inspirational can be a good step to be […]

  • Unproductivity

    These last two weeks were unproductive. We were sick for some days, we had relatives visiting us for some other days and consequently, I broke the routinary habits about writing and studying with which I was starting to get engaged. Consistency and constancy were compromised again and discipline was gone for a while. I did not […]

  • Searching tools for my online lessons (Google Slides and Apower Rec)

    This week I “lost” three mornings in my son nursery. It was a very nice experience, by the way. Educators invited parents to go and watch their children during their time in the kindergarten, to see how their routine is, what they are doing. We could play together. However, that time I use to have […]


    Mums, finally this article came out. There are tonnes of information about it around there, especially videos in youtube, but I will make it anyway. You know how I like to explain things in an easy way for you, don’t you? If you are not familiar with what Google Adsense is, you can read my […]

  • Siblings rivalry and Playground.Zone

    Mums, the last two weeks my children have been fighting with each other so often, that it has been hard for them and also for me to control feelings of irascibility that come from that. Even if I am trying to be patient, constantly reinforcing that siblings should make an effort to get on well, […]

  • How to make money from your website?

    Mums, if you are not new around here, you probably noticed I put advertisements in the blog. It does not look as “clean” as before, but it was one of the ways I found to put in practice some of the knowledge I have been acquiring during this motherhood/CEO journey. Also, a way to make […]

  • What is your passion?

    Mums, have you already found your passion in life or do you feel you have no idea about it? What we are taught to do since we are young Many of us are taught to follow the rules of the system, get a job from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., receive a decent salary and […]

  • How to earn an income teaching online

    Mums, the world has never been so technological before. That means there are plenty of opportunities to work from home. One of them is teaching online and you do not need to be a real teacher to do that, just share with the world the knowledge about a subject you are good at. What do you […]

  • New Year’s Resolution

    Mums, many weeks have passed since the last post. I had many doubts and thought about giving up the blog and the working from home plan. The lack of results, consequence of my indiscipline, boost me to make a new C.V., ready to send to some companies but my inner voice was telling me something […]