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  • Plan A update – “Working From Home With Children”

    Mums, almost two weeks passed since the last post (Working From Home With Children – Plan A) and as promised I am going to tell you how it is going. So, let’s start to analyze briefly the result for each topic I already mentioned in the last post and add other ideas at the end. […]

  • Working from home with children – Plan A

    Some days ago I wrote a post about how tired and demotivated I have been feeling because it can be really challenging to work from home with children all day there with you. Of course, it is wonderful to see your little ones grow and be there for them, play together, have each other’s company but […]

  • The challenge of making a real plan and have discipline – thinking out loud

    Mums, There are days in which stick to the plan I made and find the discipline to make the dream of working from home come true seem huge tasks. These last weeks flew between moving to a new apartment, put everything in order again, find a nursery to my oldest son, try to put children […]

  • How to make money with APPS

    Hi, Mums! Today I’m going to tell you about making money with apps (applications). Some weeks ago I was very enthusiastic about the idea of building an APP for toddlers, thinking in my own children, but I had no idea how could I do it, so I  read How to Make Money as a Smartphone APP Software […]

  • SEO – how to improve your website ranking

    Hi, Mums! As promised in the last post (definition of CEO and SEO), today I am giving you the basics of SEO and how to improve your website ranking. As I told you in that post, there are two SEO techniques (Black Hat and White Hat). I will only focus in the White Hat techniques, […]

  • What is the difference between CEO and SEO?

    Do you know the difference between CEO and SEO, Mums? I must admit some months ago I didn’t. So, in case you have the same questions I had, here is this article for you. CEO  – What does it mean? It means Chief Executive Officer. What does a CEO do? A CEO manages the global […]

  • Make money working online – part 1

    Mums, there are many ways to earn money working online. Some give you money faster. Others take more time but can give you more income. Since I started to read books and articles on this subject, I found that the Internet is definitely a world of opportunities for everyone. You do not need to be a […]

  • Discipline

    Discipline: the main factor to succeed According to Yokoi Kenji, a motivational lecturer, with Japanese and Colombian nationality, the main factor that makes Japan the third largest economy of the world is DISCIPLINE. Japan does not have gold, petrol or natural resources that allow them to export and make money easily, but they have had the discipline […]

  • Building up the blog – part 2: About Me page

    Today I went with my toddlers to a playground and that allowed me to read more on Kindle, while they enjoyed the sun. It was an almost epic moment. I could even take some notes. In the book entitled Make Money Blogging, from T.R.Castle, the author reinforces the importance of an About Me page and […]

  • Building up the blog:required pages to improve Seo ranking

    Hi, Mums! Hope you started to think about planning your way to success, that we talked about in the last post (Mum.CEO: planning the first step) . I am still building up the blog and thinking about what pages should I put on it. According to the author John Slavio, in his book SEO : […]