Siblings rivalry and Playground.Zone

Mums, the last two weeks my children have been fighting with each other so often, that it has been hard for them and also for me to control feelings of irascibility that come from that.

Even if I am trying to be patient, constantly reinforcing that siblings should make an effort to get on well, do not offend or hit each other, that they should try to be best friends, that respect is one of the most important rules between people, it seems that my messages are getting lost somewhere. Is it normal or am I failing as a mother?

I try to make activities together with them every single day (like the ones in this link and in this one too) and at the same time trying to give them some space because they always want me to play with them and I think they should try to do it together or alone more often.

They are still young (3 and 4 years old) and I have never had brothers or sisters, which makes it harder for me to understand these rivalries. When I was teaching, students did not have brothers or sisters in the same class, so it was never a subject I had to deal with…until now.

I had so many plans for this week in terms of writing. I wanted to write more articles on Mum.CEO about Google AdSense and investigate deeper the way it works in small details.

I started to write some articles on the new website I have (https://Playground.Zone) but I feel it could have been better and more. These rivalries took me out so much energy that when I wanted to come and write it down, it did not come easily, so I decided this week I would talk about siblings rivalry in Playground. Zone and take advantage of that too to let you know about this new website.

Maybe you have the same problem or have ideas about the subject.

I must write more articles, read more, maybe change the visual of the website a little bit.

I am not sure about Mum. Ceo visual too. Since I put the advertisements it looks very different, not so “clean”.

I could not make anything with the online courses since the last week or even study.

So, I ended up reading again some chapters of the book  I read one year ago called Siblings without Rivalry, from Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It helped me to remember very important tips, that I have not been using.

In case you have siblings rivalry at home too, maybe you find this article useful. Otherwise, give your suggestions. I am all ears and maybe it can help other mothers too.

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