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    Hi, Mums! Today I’m telling you how to write low content books in Amazon. This is something I’ve been doing for the last month and a half and I must tell you I am loving the experience. So let’s go straight to the point. WHAT ARE LOW CONTENT BOOKS? Low content books don’t have information […]

  • Content Writer: where should I start from?

    Hi Mums! During the last days I have been studying more about being a Content Writer . The main question I had was “where should I start from if I write for other people?” Maybe you have the same question, so I wrote this article for you, with clues that can help you to find […]

  • Free tools to use as a Content Writer

    Dear Mums, The latest weeks have been like riding the roller coaster , full of challenges . They pushed me to act and here am I sharing knowledge with you, hoping we can move forward and make progress. Today I’m going to tell you about 6 TOOLS YOU CAN USE FOR FREE AS A CONTENT […]

  • How to achieve your goals

    Hi, Mums! Today I will share with you some precious tips about How to achieve your goals. The today’s article is inspired in a workshop given by Tom Bilyeu, the owner of Impact Theory University, a University online that was made to help people reaching goals and learn in many ways. Even if I am […]

  • Where can I find support as a writer ?

    If you want to know where to find support as a writer or illustrator, the following article can be very helpful.

  • How to write books for children

    Hi, Mums! I know I have not been punctual with the articles. Many things happened ( I will update you in another article) and I have been studying several ways to keep this journey about “making money online from home” possible.  Online courses are a very good opportunity to have some passive income, as I […]

  • Other ways to make money from internet – brainstorm

    Dear Mums, How was your month? I kept updating my online course with some new subjects and videos and am still on that. However it is very hard for me to find time to record voice and structure the videos . Only at night after children are sleeping it is possible. Remember that I have […]


    Hi, Mums! Wish all of you are well, specially with all these pandemic circumstances. Today I am making an update of what I have been doing and let you know about my new challenge : give you a new article every day 7 of a month. I won’t promise but I will definitely try to […]


    What do you need to make an online course? Hi, Mums! Some months ago I was searching for tools to start making my online course. Once I never had done an online course before, I made a search about what was necessary to realize my dream. I wanted to find all the information in one […]

  • Mum.Ceo is two years old! My course was finally launched!

    BE CREATIVE AND RESILIENT IN COVID19 TIMES Hi, Mums! One year has passed since the last post and is again Mum.Ceo’s anniversary (2 years old). It looked like an eternity , this year full of changes, chances and productivity. The last time I wrote you I was pregnant and now my little one has already […]