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Today I’m telling you how to write low content books in Amazon. This is something I’ve been doing for the last month and a half and I must tell you I am loving the experience. So let’s go straight to the point.


Low content books don’t have information or can have just a little bit. Examples of low content books are wordsearch, a journal to register your dreams or trips, colouring books or notebooks.


1. You have to register in AMAZON KDP website and fulfill all the information required .

2. In AMAZON KDP website upload your books. You can sell paper books (Amazon prints it for you , which is just great ) or digital books  (for Kindle).

To upload your books you need to know several things:

1. Paper books must be in PDF format . 
2. Digital books need to be in DOC., DOCX. or the best one to avoid any incompatibility is KPF, a format you can create in the Amazon page “Kindle Create”.


You can write a book totally for free or you can also pay a little bit and have some options that will save so much time. I will share with you the tools I have been using to do it.

1. Canva.comThis website is just amazing. You can create any design you want and for free, but attention, if you want to use their images for commercial purposes then you must pay monthly 12 dollars approximately.
I do it and if you are really thinking about selling books for Amazon, it gives you access to extra images that you cannot find in the free version ( you can sell your books without problems about copyright and you don’t need to hire a designer and pay a small fortune – of course if you want something really original then do it . In Fiverr  website you can find very good deals.

When you make a design on Canva it allows you to have 100 pages maximum. At the end you can export your designs as PDF, JPEG or PNG formats .

There is also You can use the images for free ( but then you have to mention the artist’s name in your book) or you can pay 10 dollars monthly and have access to the commercial version, which allows you to use images and vectors to put in your books and sell without any copyright issues.

2. Imagine you want to write a book with 200 pages, how would you do it then? Well, you could make two designs in Canvas, export it in PDF format and then merge this two pdfs in one . There are several websites for that but the one I use is “”. You can merge several pdfs and make it one ( then it’s ready to upload it for Amazon.

Attention: you cannot put images from Disney or famous people in your cover. Otherwise your book will be removed from KDP.

3.  Amazon or BookBolt.Io In case you want to create a cover for your book there are several ways, free and paid .

Free option: when uploading your book to AMAZON KDP website , there will be an option to upload your own cover or to use an Amazon software to do it for you for free.

Paid optionBookbolt.Io is the only software to make covers that I know until now and I am using it because it saves a lot of time and allows you to have a more personalized cover . You can explore other options with this software concerning design and marketing for books in Amazon, but I just know well and have explored properly the option to make a cover. I must confess that it is not easy to get it at a first glance because it is full of info and options but after some research you get used to it.

you can create the cover design inside Bookbolt.Io or upload an image made in Canvas and upload it and adjust it in Bookbolt.

If you know other websites that do the same feel free to share.


This one is veeeery important. I started making low content books one and half months ago and I must tell you I have not sold books because I need to dedicate time to marketing them. I know I have some good products ( I will show you in a while) but I have not made any kind of advertisement to them – well, I will do the first one today, here .

Amazon can do the marketing for you for an extra charge, but you also need to advertise your product in your websites, in an author page, with affiliates or in Social Media. If you are lazy to do it, hire somebody in Fiverr or other platforms to do it for you.


I believe it can be very profitable with the following recipe:

  • Sell a product with QUALITY.
  • Sell for a NICHE that is not already overcharged with the same content as yours.
  • Make a good PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (In KDP website you must make a description of your product. A good description with truthful details about your book and the use of the right adjectives will be a big help).
  • Always remember the MARKETING.

Also, you choose the price of your book. Always check what prices are your competitors making, so you won’t make a very different one . With royalties you have to give to Amazon, the printing cost ( in paper version – digital is more profitable ), extra costs for advertisements, at the end you will earn 2 dollars or just cents. But if you sell some thousands of copies of your book ( and if you have several books) then you can have a very good passive income.


Here you can have a look in what I am doing (and if you want to buy it I will be very grateful, of course). I’m working mostly in a niche for children but I also invest time doing wordsearch for adults ( always didactic , which allows people to learn about something and at the same time exercise the brain ). I am almost finishing other books that I will share when ready. Don’t pay attention to the margins because I took screen photos and then adjusted the size so it can look not centered but in the real book it is. Just click in the titles and it will go to the product purchasing page.

This lovely journal is the right gift to put seeds of gratitude in a children’s hearth. It has 100 pages: 50 main pages where the child takes note about what is he or she grateful for; what are her emotions that day and what was the best moment. Every main page is followed by a mindfulness activity, always different and connected with gratitude. Just have a look in the image. There is also a Portuguese version.



This book has BIG SIZE LETTERS, good for everyone including elderly people . Each wordsearch has 14 to 15 words to search about a specific Mexican topic : food, cities, culture, etc. The book has 40 puzzles (wordsearches) with solutions.

RECIPES BOOK (2 different covers)



Here you can take note of your favorite recipes. It has 97 pages to write and an index, so you can find your recipes easily . The hardcover helps keeping your recipes safe and clean for more time.


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