Other ways to make money from internet – brainstorm

Dear Mums,

How was your month?

I kept updating my online course with some new subjects and videos and am still on that. However it is very hard for me to find time to record voice and structure the videos . Only at night after children are sleeping it is possible. Remember that I have a baby and two young children that are still in kindergarten just 3 hours in the morning , so all the time during the day goes to clean, tidy and make food and the other part of the day goes to educate and spend time with children.

Do you have the same issues I have? How do you do it?

In my case I am living abroad and have no family to give a hand , just my husband that spends most of the time working.

kindergartens here are really expensive and is out of question to put children there more time, unless I find a way more profitable to work from home.
Do you have any idea?

Work from home

I had some but let’s see how it will work the next months :

1) Write books for Amazon about subjects I am experienced at ( for example Portuguese language , cooking and motherhood). I am now learning from an Udemy course how to do it ( I know I mention Udemy a lot in my articles. I am not being paid to advertise them but I just love their platform. You can teach without annual fees – of course you do not receive much at the end – but besides working  you can also learn a lot with pleasant prices and good quality courses).

This I could do anywhere without the concern I would wake up the children.

2) Make more courses ( not a new idea and it could work , but the voice recording is the most challenging part…the first course took me one year to structure and record. Actually 4 months or 5 to make all slides but the rest to voice recording and editing ).

3) Give online lectures ( coaching). I am actually doing it with a few students but even if they are still around and they say they like me and my work, I do not find very professional that sometimes I have to breastfeed the baby while giving the lectures or try to entertain him because he is asking attention. At night works well , after all are sleeping, but the breastfeeding moment keeps happening sometimes.

4) Try to make some animation in YouTube for babies and toddlers ( that will take time , much time and I would need to dedicate time for digital marketing that I do not appreciate much, I confess, and is not so profitable, so I am not sure . I would like and have many ideas but draw, animate and – the most complicated in my case – give voice to the videos – does not look very realistic at the moment . Maybe in some years).

3) Study trading and try to invest a few dollars  just to see how it works .

4) Make some design works and try to sell it ( this one could be an option).

Do you have any idea you would like to share?

I am all ears .

See you in the next month, the 7th June ! 😀

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