How to achieve your goals

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Today I will share with you some precious tips about How to achieve your goals.

The today’s article is inspired in a workshop given by Tom Bilyeu, the owner of Impact Theory University, a University online that was made to help people reaching goals and learn in many ways.

Even if I am not a member (it is kind of expensive for my pocket at the moment), I find some of Tom’s videos and workshops very interesting. This last one was named “How to make any goal stick” and was really helpful, so here are the main topics about it.


The first step to achieve any goal is define with PRECISION what your goal is about.

If you say you want to help people that is very vague. You need to know how you want to help people: do you want to be a fireman?In what department? Do you want to write self-help books? What kind of self-help books and for what age? Do you want to be a therapist? What kind of therapist?

You need to have such a clarity about what your goal is to a point you know what to do in the next 15 minutes of your time. If you don’t know what to do with the next 15 minutes of your time, then you have not reached the clarity you need.


After you define your goal, is time to master your skills.

You need to learn about your goal. Study. Work hard.

Work hard and be constant are the main keys to achieve your goal.

You have the goal, the path to achieve the goal and in the middle you have microgoals, a serial of steps you will have to take. It is a difficult journey but is the only way.

Focus on skillset. Improve skills.

Allow yourself to get bored because it will bring you ideas.


A very important fact to have in mind is that your goal must fulfill you, otherwise the probabilities for you to succeed are low. Your goals must lead you to fulfillment.

Fulfillment is the ultimate punchline in life.


When you have a goal that inspires you it gives you motivation and can also bring a feeling of fear that you must surpass.

Don’t  feel overwhelmed . Just remember that when you invest time on something you will get better on it.

Do not be good at something today does not mean you cannot be good at it tomorrow.

Face your emotions . When you fail you feel bad , but that is good in the sense that the fact you don’t want to feel like that again will make you move forward.

For this, you must face error as an opportunity to learn and make things work better in the future .


Write down your goals and don’t keep the idea just in your head. That way you can connect to your goal easily and have more clarity about it.

You have to sustain that focus and reinforce meditations on it every night , putting notes on the fridge, thinking why you want that goal. Say to friends and family and reinforce what you are doing.

Because you are putting that outside and said it to the world, then it will help you to move forward.


Don’t wait until your research is complete . Learn as you go and take action! Otherwise you will go slow.

Make sure you have your focus right and are obsessed with achieving your goal.

See if you are moving forward and don’t lie to yourself.

Create deadlines and make a red cross p if you are not progressing . Adjust your path according to what you learn in the way. Then you will make progress.

You have to get ready and refuse to quit . Make sure you don’t back off and you attack that “hill”.


According with Tom Bilyeu discipline bring freedom and will help you to figure out how to move .

Be obedient to your goals. Use punishment and rewards.

Every week day, stick to work in your goal.

If you feel is too much and feel overwhelmed meditate, figure what you can do about it and take something from the list of necessary.

Do not let yourself burnout and chill out too.

Remember your goals must bring you pleasure .

I am designed to learn and grow !

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