About Me

Before Mum:

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures, I was teaching languages in high schools, tutoring teens and adults and was a Front Desk Officer in a hotel, at the same time, to improve my income, during seven years, seven days per week.

After Mum:

Since my first child was born, I quit and have been living in three different countries, dedicating my time to motherhood.

Why Mum.CEO Blog?

Feeling a deep need to work again, without harming the growth, needs, and well-being of my toddlers, I am trying to find a way to work online, from home.

However, as an achievement, it doesn’t come without effort and knowledge is a must. Once my toddlers are still at home and all the time I have during the day goes for them and for housework after they sleep is when I dedicate time to reading about options to work from home and also about parenting.

Main Goals

In this blog, I intend to share with you all the subjects I have been learning about, sharing the path I am making to pass from mum to CEO, hoping it can inspire you and also willing that we can interact, that you can also share your knowledge and correct me anytime, if you think something is wrong ( even with English, that is not my mother tongue).