Mum.Ceo is two years old! My course was finally launched!


Hi, Mums!
One year has passed since the last post and is again Mum.Ceo’s anniversary (2 years old).

It looked like an eternity , this year full of changes, chances and productivity.

The last time I wrote you I was pregnant and now my little one has already nine months and is crawling everywhere at home. I have not gone to museums or made activities with my older children as before due to the  Coronavirus. I miss so much to make something more cultural with my little ones and you probably miss many things too, but now keeping healthy (and alive) is what matters the most and we should take advantage of the situation to improve our creativity and be resilient.


Just one week ago, I launched my first online course in Udemy. I feel so happy about this achievement. In case you want to have a look, click in the image below.

In less than one week there is already a student enrolled and now that I know the right tools to use and how to make it, it will be easier to make more courses in less time ( the bigger challenge is how to announce it and increase sales. The topic is not the most popular – I will also mention this subject with more detail in another post).


If you want to know what material/ tools did I use to make the online course, do not miss the next post, that I will launch during the following days ( now I will start to write in a week basis).

Give your feedback about the course and the cartoon of and let me know about you ( what challenges do you find as a mum or what projects / ideas do you have in mind and want to share) .

See you in the next post .

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