Free tools to use as a Content Writer

Dear Mums,

The latest weeks have been like riding the roller coaster , full of challenges . They pushed me to act and here am I sharing knowledge with you, hoping we can move forward and make progress. Today I’m going to tell you about


1) Google Docs

Allows you to write all kind of text and edit it easily, using Bold, Italic, text alignment and other useful options . You can also share and edit your content  with other people participating.

2) Wikipedia Style Guide

It gives you information about how to write different kinds of text properly . It has precious tips for content writers who want to succeed when writing an article.

3) Grammarly

Even if there is a paid version which helps more with syntax , the free option is very effective detecting orthographic errors. This is incredibly helpful , once an article with typos can destroy your career as a content writer.

4) Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest

These tools helps you with Keyword research. Keywords Everywhere appear as an extension of Chrome or Firefox. It will help you to choose the right keywords for your post. Have a look in

In the same context you have Ubersuggest, another app for keyword research. The paid version is very good and the price very reasonable.

5) Canva

Even if there is a paid Canva Pro version, where you can access more fonts, photo stocks and elements, the free version of Canva can be enough in a beginning to find templates for your work and make it more appealing.

Remember that when you are a freelancer and your budget is not big, is smarter to start with free tools instead of spending money from a beginning. Gradually, as you earn more you can make some upgrades that bring value to your work.

6) WordPress

To promote your work you will need a website, a place where you show what work have you done , so a company or a client can hire you as a Content Writer . WordPress is a very good option. I use it for Mum.Ceo and I feel very satisfied. Of course you will have to pay a domain but there are plenty of them for a reasonable price in GoDaddy for example.

These are some of the tools that a Content Writer can use for free.
Let me know if you use others.

In another article I will tell you about platforms where you can write as a freelancer and tell you details about some of them.

Have a good week!


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