Searching tools for my online lessons (Google Slides and Apower Rec)

This week I “lost” three mornings in my son nursery. It was a very nice experience, by the way. Educators invited parents to go and watch their children during their time in the kindergarten, to see how their routine is, what they are doing. We could play together. However, that time I use to have in the mornings to housework and to search or write a little bit was completely gone.

The time I had at night was used to start the structure of the online lessons I am preparing and that I mentioned in a previous article.

I have a Mac Book Pro from 2007. I would like to use Keynote but is not supported, so I decided to make a search for free options for Mac (there are not so many I must say) and ended up with Google Slides.

To get familiar with it, I watched this really nice tutorial, that explains almost everything about the way Google Slides works.

Google Slides works pretty much like PowerPoint and you can make great presentations with it. There are just two CONS:

  • You cannot insert recordings into the slides directly from your desktop. In fact, there is a recent option called Audio Player for Slides, made by EdtechTeam, that makes it possible but you must download it from Google Drive and it is somehow intrusive because they will have access to all your data in Google Drive.
  • You cannot make that a Google Slides presentation advance on its own before publishing it to the web. So only after that, we can have a real perception of how the slides will work altogether (you can watch animations one by one, but not in totality).

So, my next question was:

 How can I record my voice and make the presentation to put it in Udemy or other platforms?

It will be necessary to make a screen recording with a specific program, while I put the slides running at the same time and record the voice.

Camtasia could be an option for screen recording. It is known for being one of the best software in the market to do this but is quite expensive (more than 200 dollars).

After a deeper search, I downloaded Apower Rec. Next week I will let you know more about it, once I have not tried it yet.

If you have a better idea, please let me know (it must be for Mac and for free).

See you next week!


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