Other ways to make money from internet – brainstorm

Dear Mums,

How was your month?

I kept updating my online course with some new subjects and videos and am still on that. However it is very hard for me to find time to record voice and structure the videos . Only at night after children are sleeping it is possible. Remember that I have a baby and two young children that are still in kindergarten just 3 hours in the morning , so all the time during the day goes to clean, tidy and make food and the other part of the day goes to educate and spend time with children.

Do you have the same issues I have? How do you do it?

In my case I am living abroad and have no family to give a hand , just my husband that spends most of the time working.

kindergartens here are really expensive and is out of question to put children there more time, unless I find a way more profitable to work from home.
Do you have any idea?

I had some but let’s see how it will work the next months :

1) Write books for Amazon about subjects I am experienced at ( for example Portuguese language , cooking and motherhood). I am now learning from an Udemy course how to do it ( I know I mention Udemy a lot in my articles. I am not being paid to advertise them but I just love their platform. You can teach without annual fees – of course you do not receive much at the end – but besides working  you can also learn a lot with pleasant prices and good quality courses).

This I could do anywhere without the concern I would wake up the children.

2) Make more courses ( not a new idea and it could work , but the voice recording is the most challenging part…the first course took me one year to structure and record. Actually 4 months or 5 to make all slides but the rest to voice recording and editing ).

3) Give online lectures ( coaching). I am actually doing it with a few students but even if they are still around and they say they like me and my work, I do not find very professional that sometimes I have to breastfeed the baby while giving the lectures or try to entertain him because he is asking attention. At night works well , after all are sleeping, but the breastfeeding moment keeps happening sometimes.

4) Try to make some animation in YouTube for babies and toddlers ( that will take time , much time and I would need to dedicate time for digital marketing that I do not appreciate much, I confess, and is not so profitable, so I am not sure . I would like and have many ideas but draw, animate and – the most complicated in my case – give voice to the videos – does not look very realistic at the moment . Maybe in some years).

3) Study trading and try to invest a few dollars  just to see how it works .

4) Make some design works and try to sell it ( this one could be an option).

Do you have any idea you would like to share?

I am all ears .

See you in the next month, the 7th June ! 😀


Hi, Mums!

Wish all of you are well, specially with all these pandemic circumstances.

Today I am making an update of what I have been doing and let you know about my new challenge : give you a new article every day 7 of a month. I won’t promise but I will definitely try to stick to it.

To write every week is so challenging at the moment.
My three children are not even in primary school. Two of them just have 3 hours in the morning in kindergarten and the baby is with me all the time , so only at night I can work or study properly ( and sometimes I must tell you that I fall asleep while breastfeeding my baby. There are days I just feel exhausted).

But let’s talk about improvements …

What I made these last months:

1)SEPTEMBER 2020 – I launched a course ( the first one , you can see HERE).

2)DECEMBER 2020 – I launched another course.

3)JANUARY 2021 – I made MY WEBSITE about Portuguese language. A kind of complement to the courses and a way to promote it too. It is still very incomplete and with just a few articles but you can have a look here: 123Portuguese.com

4)Also in January I started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL called 123Portuguese to put videos in 123Portuguese.com website . I am making some videos with explanations ( not as complete as the ones I have in my course) and other real-life context videos that I record with my phone and edit after in Lumiafusion or iMovie ). Once a month , sometimes twice a month, I put new videos.

5) MARCH 2021 – I bought a one year subscription to the most basic plan of TEACHABLE, but I must tell you I feel I took a very wrong decision.

TEACHABLE has advantages and disadvantages as the ones I will mention here:


– you can build up your “school” in a very personalized way and sell your courses there.

-The website structure is basically done and made in blocks, so is easier for you to buil it up faster .

– You pay just 5 per cent of commission, if you have the most basic plan as mine or even less if you pay more. So at the end you can earn more when selling your courses.

– You can choose different kinds of payment plans. There is a flexibility good for both teachers and students: unlimited access forever, yearly or monthly plan subscription.


– Is a platform that does not make the marketing for you. You basically build your website there, you can upload the courses there and sell it. But they do not do anything  to help you selling ( yes, they have support in case you need help but you must do all and you must promote your own website alone).

– Apparently they charge only 5 percent of commission but then imagine the following situation: you sell  in a year your course for 20 students ( I know it can sound pessimistic, but remember in my case I have a few time to do digital marketing); you sell the plan for an yearly subscription or , worse, for an unlimited time. Then you want to stop paying teachable because you find you are not selling much and that what you sell just pays what you paid them for the yearly subscription.

Then guess what? You created a yearly subscription plan. You cannot give up because student A bought the course in January, but student D bought it right in the month you wanted to cancel the subscription and he ( or she) bought the course for an year, so you cannot leave your student in a bad situation. It would be fraudulent and spot your image as an instructor . At the end you will have to keep paying yearly to Teachable.

I really do not like this last part, so before starting to sell I am really hesitating if I should move on ( my “pay” button is still deactivated. I think I just rushed !)

If you can dedicate time to your website and make all the digital marketing necessary , then go ahead!Teachable can be for you.

Udemy is really practical for a busy mum.

They make the marketing for you ( and well, for your competitors too).

However there is this big disadvantage: at the end you just earn a very small percentage of what you are selling ( they regularly put courses prices with discount values and with their commission and other extra commissions you basically do not get a lot).

I can tell you I am selling my most popular course for $24,99 ( by popular let me say I just sold it to 120 people) .

At the end , I end up earning just between 1 to 5 dollars per course sold . Only if students click in the link I put above to you ( which is called a “promotional link” ) I can get a higher percentage.

However, in Udemy you are not sticking to a yearly subscription as in Teachable ( yes, you also have a free option in Teachable but with many limitations) and in Udemy you upload your course for free . You can let it there and you can upload the amount of courses you want . You pay through commissions but still, they make all for you. You just need to teach.

That, for me, is a big plus.

The ideal would be to sell courses in your own website too as a complement but I do not know already how to do it, because some programming skills are needed and also space to upload them. If you know how let me know.

For now wish you a good and healthy month!

“See you” the 7th May!





What do you need to make an online course?

Hi, Mums!

Some months ago I was searching for tools to start making my online course. Once I never had done an online course before, I made a search about what was necessary to realize my dream.

I wanted to find all the information in one place and felt anxious to start quickly. However, it was kind of challenging to find all the answers for my questions in just one place, so I share here with you what I consider more important.


1) Choose the subject for your course.

2) Make a search about that subject in the web and see what others are doing .

3) Do a draft with all the information  you have and that you want to use in your lectures.

4) Create sections and units for your course, write a title for each part, so you can organize yourself and the different subjects.

5) Select the tools to make it happen.

6) Choose the platform or website where you want to sell it.

7) Digital marketing .


Now let’s explore each one of this topics with more detail.



First of all, have in mind what is the subject you are going to choose.

In case you are not sure, you can google about the most in-demand thematics and also the ones that are not so explored but that people is searching for. For example, courses with tutorials about arts, meditation or programming are actually some of the most successful around there but also the ones with more competition.

After you have decided about this, is time for the next step.


Using a metaphor, when you have in mind what is the destination you want to go, then you must look to the map with attention and see what are the different ways you can take.

The same happens when you are planning to make a course. You should see what topics are there about your subject and analyze how others are doing it, so you can follow a line and improve your lectures compared with those competitors.

Always try to offer something extra that they do not give.

When you start to sell your work, it will benefit you if you have that EXTRA information that others do not and always remember to put quality and love in what you are doing.


Taking as an example my course, which is about European Portuguese language, when I was structuring it I divided it in three main sections:

  • Section 1: Alphabet and pronunciation ( ways to pronounce words in Portuguese from A to Z)
  • Section 2: Main subjects ( greeting, presenting yourself, make a description, etc).
  • Section 3 : Culture

Inside each section, you add lectures for that topic. For example, in section 1, Alphabet, you can make one lecture for letter A, another for letter B, and so on. Something like this:

  • Section 1: Alphabet and pronunciation ( ways to pronounce words in Portuguese from A to Z):

– Letter A – can be pronounced ”à”, ”â”, with nasal sounds, etc. Write examples .

– Letter B – just has one sound. Write examples.


In one of my posts, some months ago, I was searching for the right tools to make the course happen. I wanted something for free which allowed me to make slides ( when you are starting you should not spend much, because you are not even sure that things will work).

I thought Google slides could be the right option. It wasn’t. It is great to make a presentation in person , but not if you want to record sound and put slides and sound together to make a video that you have to upload to a platform ( you can see here, pros and cons of Google slides).

So, my husband gave me such a nice present : an iPad pro. I must tell you, if you have budget for that I really recommend, if not at least an Apple computer will save you lots of time and money too because it brings many programs included that can help you a lot .

Since I have the iPad I never used a computer again and I could make the whole course there using the following programs, that come with the tablet.

1. TO MAKE THE SLIDES – “KEYNOTE”. It is very complete . You have many options to make wonderful slides and you can even record in the slides . There is also an option to convert the files in Power Point, another good program to make your slides.

2. SOUNDI used the microphone of the tablet . The only “ but” in my case was the white noise behind. To “ clean” that noise I bought “ Ferrati”, a very good app to edit sound or you can even record directly from there! It is not expensive . Again, remember not to spend much when you are starting!

3. To join image and sound – IMOVIE . When you make slides and you record sound you need to put them together and make a “movie”, which will be your lecture.

iMovie  is very intuitive and for a course can work perfectly. If you want something  more professional try “ Lumafusion“, it costs around 20 dollars and has plenty of options. I am using that also to put subtitles , once you can write and move the text around the screen as you wish , what is very practical I must tell you.

4. At the end , if you are going to launch the course in a platform as Udemy, they ask you for an image to promote your course. You can do it in PAGES or if you want a very professional tool that will allow you to do many other artistic works, you can buy for around 10 dollars the app “ Procreator”( will talk about it in a future post ).

There are several platforms around there , so you must choose the one that fits you more and also one which can bring you public to sell your courses.


Even if I will write more about this in another article, for now I can tell you that use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, find affiliates and people you know is a great way to promote your course.

I hope I could help somehow . Let me know if you need tips or if you have some question.






Mum.Ceo is two years old! My course was finally launched!


Hi, Mums!
One year has passed since the last post and is again Mum.Ceo’s anniversary (2 years old).

It looked like an eternity , this year full of changes, chances and productivity.

The last time I wrote you I was pregnant and now my little one has already nine months and is crawling everywhere at home. I have not gone to museums or made activities with my older children as before due to the  Coronavirus. I miss so much to make something more cultural with my little ones and you probably miss many things too, but now keeping healthy (and alive) is what matters the most and we should take advantage of the situation to improve our creativity and be resilient.


Just one week ago, I launched my first online course in Udemy. I feel so happy about this achievement. In case you want to have a look, click in the image below.

In less than one week there is already a student enrolled and now that I know the right tools to use and how to make it, it will be easier to make more courses in less time ( the bigger challenge is how to announce it and increase sales. The topic is not the most popular – I will also mention this subject with more detail in another post).


If you want to know what material/ tools did I use to make the online course, do not miss the next post, that I will launch during the following days ( now I will start to write in a week basis).

Give your feedback about the course and the cartoon of Mum.ceo and let me know about you ( what challenges do you find as a mum or what projects / ideas do you have in mind and want to share) .

See you in the next post .

Congratulations, Mum.Ceo! 1 year old!

Hi, Mums!

Today we celebrate Mum.Ceo first year !

It has been a year not so consistent for Mum.Ceo but fruitful. Together we learned something and we are still in our path to succeed, because failures and errors can also be the first big step to change and improvement, isn’t it?

How have you been?

I am more pregnant than I was the last time ( six months and a half already), but this absence has nothing to do with the pregnancy itself . Now I have definitely been doing something more concrete: the online course.

If you remember, in the last post I felt somehow frustrated with the unproductivity. Some posts before I also mentioned how I intended to make an online course for Udemy and maybe Teachable, but was searching for the right tools.

The good news are that I am finally in the path of productivity and also that I found the right tools and started the course, but there is still half way until it is finished. Hope I can do it before the baby is born.

Just to update you a little bit I choosed Keynote to make the slides and I am still in that part ( so many things to say…When I finish I will let you know more details about it). We also bought a recorder/microphone ( a Tascam – model and details will come in another article) and at the end will have to structure altogether: slides and voice .

The blogs have been in standby, but are not forgotten.

Let me know about you adventures and misadventures too.

Have to go for now and after finishing the course, new articles will come and writing here will be a more regular task.

Keep well, Mums!




Mums, I have been feeling terribly frustrated about my unproductivity these last three weeks, so I started to review some self-help and motivational books to give me back some energy, motivation and discipline. Of course, that motivation and action comes mainly inside ourselves but reading or hearing something inspirational can be a good step to be more productive again.

I also found the reason I was feeling so tired during this time. Guess what? I am pregnant again! It was not in our plans but once it happened here we go again, four years at home. I will have to organize a new schedule, so I can make things happen after the new member of the family comes.

So let’s talk about the subject of this post.


>Make a to-do list/goals list

Before any step, you must know the path you are taking, the direction that you want to follow.

Make a list with your main goals, with what you intend to do and with what you seek.

This is the first important step: to find a purpose and outline the main tasks you need to complete to achieve it.

>Time journal

A time journal is a detailed record of your day (and detailed means that. Even when you go to the bathroom or the number of hours you are watching tv or reading an email must be registered).

You should record, at least, every half an hour or even less, to have a real perception about how you are spending your time and where you can get time from to make it more productive.

For example, instead of spending half an hour watching youtube videos about funny cats, you could use that time to improve a skill, read about a subject that interests you or work on something or even build your own video with funny cats.

A journal time can be written manually or you can use apps. Nowadays there are good ones, tracking what you are doing in your laptop or mobile phone and they report with precision how much time you spent in activities like talking on the phone, going to Facebook, writing an email, etc.

Two examples of apps for time tracking are Timely and Rescue Time.

Example of how a time journal can be made:

12h00-6h00 a.m. – sleeping

6h03-6h10 a.m. – bathroom

6h10-6h30 a.m. – Make and eat breakfast

6h30-6h40 a.m. – dress up, wash teeth and comb hair

6h40-6h42 a.m. – kiss bye-bye family

6h42-7h00 a.m. – walk to the bus stop/wait for the bus

7h00-7h30 a.m. – going to work (inside the bus)

7h30-7h40 a.m. – walk to the office and sit in the desk office (…) and so on.

As Michal Stawicki says in his book Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day:

Most people believe they already know precisely how they use their time. Most people are wrong.

There are dangers you should be aware of that come with keeping a time journal. By being conscious about tracking your time, you may find yourself changing your behavior just to make a more impressive journal. For a couple of weeks you may limit your unproductive activities and then, as soon as you finish the tracking exercise, slip back into old, less effective habits.

So, you must be honest with yourself when making the time journal and try to commit to the tasks you proposed yourself to do. This can be a big help to be more productive.

>Be organized

To be organized is very important, in order to be productive in any task.

From housework to the office or even at school, be organized is one of the strongest pillars that can take you further and save you a considerable amount of time.

Imagine for moments you were blind. You would need to have things in a fixed place, ordered in a way you could find them immediately, without thinking twice where did you put your keys, your clothes or your notebook.

It also implies that you give priority to some activities, instead of others. You must check what are the most important tasks for you to finish first and what tasks could give you more time to complete others. As I mentioned in a previous article, while you are cooking lunch, you can do other activities like making the bed or vacuum the house. This way, instead of making just one activity at a time you can do several at once and save many minutes or even hours at the end of the month.

>Walk a few steps at a time

It happens regularly that at a certain moment we are enthusiastic and we feel we can complete a task fast. However, it is also common that after that feeling, if we do not achieve our goal we feel frustration and many times we give up.

To avoid this, it is better to “walk a few steps at a time”. Do not try to do it all at once, but complete your tasks in parts. You complete one small step, then another one, until you have reached your main goal. You will find enduring results and the probabilities to get frustrated and give up are much less.

>Speed reading

Have you ever tried to do speed reading?

I am from Europe and around here we are not used to learning speed reading at schools. For that reason, many of us have not even heard about it before.

The first time I have heard about fast reading was through my husband (he comes from America).

When you read more in less time, you can definitely be more productive. You can learn more in less time and you can also do more with that new information you have.

For that reason, I considered this one of the most effective ways to be more productive. Even when you are doing an internet search it can help.

To have an idea just check this video I took from youtube about speed reading tips:

>Typing faster

This is another good tip to be more productive. When you are typing in the computer, you can do it faster if you learn how to type without looking to the keyboard.

There are very good apps for free around there for learning this skill and also video tutorials, like this:


It is proved in several studies that sunlight boosts productivity at work.

In a study named Why We Need More Nature at Work: Effects of Natural Elements and Sunlight on Employee Mental Health and Work Attitudes, it was evaluated how workers were affected or not by sunlight and nature in their office.

The study concluded that

Exposure to natural elements is associated with decreased levels of diastolic blood pressure, depression, and anxiety, and increased attentional capacity (…) Exposure to natural elements (e.g., green spaces) can reduce the impact of stress, increase psychological well-being, and support recovery from illness.

So, if you want to increase your creativity, another important tip is working surrounded by windows; have plants or a view to a nice landscape and the results can surprise you.

If you have other tips concerning how to be more productive, do not hesitate in leaving a comment.




These last two weeks were unproductive.

We were sick for some days, we had relatives visiting us for some other days and consequently, I broke the routinary habits about writing and studying with which I was starting to get engaged.

Consistency and constancy were compromised again and discipline was gone for a while.

I did not try the Apowersoft screen recorder and the trial period for the VIP version ended.

My husband just recently told me “Why don’t you try QuickTime?”. Honestly I thought that QuickTime was more adequated to watch movies but in the end, it also makes a screen recording. So, during the next few days, I really have to restart with full batteries and find a way to try this and maybe other options.

For now, I just leave you this small article.

Let me know, once more, if you have any tips for recording screen software (for free, for Mac).



Searching tools for my online lessons (Google Slides and Apower Rec)

This week I “lost” three mornings in my son nursery. It was a very nice experience, by the way. Educators invited parents to go and watch their children during their time in the kindergarten, to see how their routine is, what they are doing. We could play together. However, that time I use to have in the mornings to housework and to search or write a little bit was completely gone.

The time I had at night was used to start the structure of the online lessons I am preparing and that I mentioned in a previous article.

I have a Mac Book Pro from 2007. I would like to use Keynote but is not supported, so I decided to make a search for free options for Mac (there are not so many I must say) and ended up with Google Slides.

To get familiar with it, I watched this really nice tutorial, that explains almost everything about the way Google Slides works.

Google Slides works pretty much like PowerPoint and you can make great presentations with it. There are just two CONS:

  • You cannot insert recordings into the slides directly from your desktop. In fact, there is a recent option called Audio Player for Slides, made by EdtechTeam, that makes it possible but you must download it from Google Drive and it is somehow intrusive because they will have access to all your data in Google Drive.
  • You cannot make that a Google Slides presentation advance on its own before publishing it to the web. So only after that, we can have a real perception of how the slides will work altogether (you can watch animations one by one, but not in totality).

So, my next question was:

 How can I record my voice and make the presentation to put it in Udemy or other platforms?

It will be necessary to make a screen recording with a specific program, while I put the slides running at the same time and record the voice.

Camtasia could be an option for screen recording. It is known for being one of the best software in the market to do this but is quite expensive (more than 200 dollars).

After a deeper search, I downloaded Apower Rec. Next week I will let you know more about it, once I have not tried it yet.

If you have a better idea, please let me know (it must be for Mac and for free).

See you next week!



Mums, finally this article came out. There are tonnes of information about it around there, especially videos in youtube, but I will make it anyway. You know how I like to explain things in an easy way for you, don’t you?

If you are not familiar with what Google Adsense is, you can read my post about it, clicking here.


1. Do not, ever, give INVALID CLICKS. That means:

  • Do not click in your own advertisement. Google can easily identify them and close your Adsense account, excluding you forever!
  • Do not ask friends, relatives or even your blog readers to click in your advertisement. It can be detected easily. Remember how people are connected and found nowadays in Social Media. Google could detect that in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Do not use programs that generate automatic clicks. That is a Black Hat technique and could finish with all your efforts.

2. Be sure you have enough content.

You can be rejected if you are trying to put Google advertisement on a website with only 4 posts, for example. Even if there is not a consensus about the number of articles, try to apply when you have around 20 articles.

3. Have original content, with quality.

Do not duplicate the information. It can also be a reason for being rejected. To be sure you are not duplicating information you can check it in Copyscape.

4. Check your backlinks.

Always provide links with quality and which are working. Sometimes you mention a website and later it is not working anymore so you will have a dead link. That counts for SEO results and also when you are applying for Adsense.

5. Wait for at least one month to apply again in case your website is rejected by Adsense.


1. Firstly you must enter the Adsense page and sign up.

  • Fill in the information they ask you for (like in the image below).
  • You must have a Gmail account.
  • You must be the owner of a website with unique content (not duplicated). 

2. Give and validate your phone number, address, and bank account.

After saving the information when you signed up, you must sign in, give your address, phone number and choose the payment method, in order to proceed with your Google Adsense account.

To be sure you are giving them the right phone number, Google will send you a code to your phone (you can choose if you want to receive the code by SMS or voice message) and you will have to insert the 6-digit verification code in the website. After click on “submit”.

The address you gave will also be verified when your earnings reach the verification threshold (usually 10 dollars, but will depend on the country you are living in. Please check that information here).

To verify the accuracy of your bank account information, when you reach the threshold, Google will deposit a very small amount of money there. You will have to check in your bank account the following days and write on the website that value. Only then, they will deposit the full amount in your bank account.

After this first stage, only when you reach an amount of 100 dollars approx. , you will receive your next payment. This is one of the disadvantages if you do not have much traffic or clicks on your website. It can take months or even years, but the intention is that you try to increase your traffic and do it, of course.

3. Add and choose the type of advertisement for your website.

After you signed up and gave detailed information about your telephone number, address and bank account, it is time for the next step.

Enter your Adsense account, and click on “New ad unit”, as you see in the image below

I recommend you to choose the “responsive” option, in which Adsense will adjust the advertisement according to your website structure. However, you can explore the different options and choose the one that fits your taste better.

I would tell you also not to choose just text ads. They look a bit outdated, like the one you see in this image.

In-article ads can be the most appropriated because they appear between paragraphs and will help to enhance a better reading experience, like the ones you can see in my blog.

In-feed ads can bring you more clicks because it makes people think that it is a post, but in the end, maybe you will not have loyal visitors because they can feel cheated.

After you choose the type of advertisement, Google Adsense will generate a code that you will have to insert in your website. It is something like this:

4. Insert the codes in your website (WordPress, youtube, blogger, etc).

Once I have WordPress I will show you where to insert the code here. You just have to enter in costumize>appearance>widgets>text and insert there the code.

5. Wait for Google Adsense approval

Once it is the first time you will have to wait for Adsense approval. It can take one day, one week or even a month, to have your advertisement working. It will depend if your website was already detected by crawling and also if it is according to Adsense rules.

Hope this article was useful to you. Let me know if you have any question.

Siblings rivalry and Playground.Zone

Mums, the last two weeks my children have been fighting with each other so often, that it has been hard for them and also for me to control feelings of irascibility that come from that.

Even if I am trying to be patient, constantly reinforcing that siblings should make an effort to get on well, do not offend or hit each other, that they should try to be best friends, that respect is one of the most important rules between people, it seems that my messages are getting lost somewhere. Is it normal or am I failing as a mother?

I try to make activities together with them every single day (like the ones in this link and in this one too) and at the same time trying to give them some space because they always want me to play with them and I think they should try to do it together or alone more often.

They are still young (3 and 4 years old) and I have never had brothers or sisters, which makes it harder for me to understand these rivalries. When I was teaching, students did not have brothers or sisters in the same class, so it was never a subject I had to deal with…until now.

I had so many plans for this week in terms of writing. I wanted to write more articles on Mum.CEO about Google AdSense and investigate deeper the way it works in small details.

I started to write some articles on the new website I have (https://Playground.Zone) but I feel it could have been better and more. These rivalries took me out so much energy that when I wanted to come and write it down, it did not come easily, so I decided this week I would talk about siblings rivalry in Playground. Zone and take advantage of that too to let you know about this new website.

Maybe you have the same problem or have ideas about the subject.

I must write more articles, read more, maybe change the visual of the website a little bit.

I am not sure about Mum. Ceo visual too. Since I put the advertisements it looks very different, not so “clean”.

I could not make anything with the online courses since the last week or even study.

So, I ended up reading again some chapters of the book  I read one year ago called Siblings without Rivalry, from Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It helped me to remember very important tips, that I have not been using.

In case you have siblings rivalry at home too, maybe you find this article useful. Otherwise, give your suggestions. I am all ears and maybe it can help other mothers too.