The challenge of making a real plan and have discipline – thinking out loud


There are days in which stick to the plan I made and find the discipline to make the dream of working from home come true seem huge tasks.

These last weeks flew between moving to a new apartment, put everything in order again, find a nursery to my oldest son, try to put children sleeping at a decent hour and find again a balance. The last two have been my main challenge.

When I want to come and write I feel so exhausted that at the end I just have the energy to turn on the computer, look at it and fall asleep. Then I wake up because my daughter calls me to breastfeed, I turn the computer off and continue sleeping until one of the children calls me again asking for something else, several times during the night.

I need to make another plan, to find a way to get more energy and find the necessary discipline.

Do you have any idea?





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