How to make money with APPS

Hi, Mums! Today I’m going to tell you about making money with apps (applications).

Some weeks ago I was very enthusiastic about the idea of building an APP for toddlers, thinking in my own children, but I had no idea how could I do it, so I  read How to Make Money as a Smartphone APP Software Developer (previous experience not required), from Gerry Marrs and some articles in the internet and now I am still enthusiastic about the idea, but I also understand it will need some investment in terms of time and money that I’m not ready for, at the moment. Maybe you are and this is your timing!

First steps to create an APP

Think about what kind of application you would like to do.

You should preferably create something that does not exist in the market and that has a useful purpose.

If you have a need and there is no application for that, do it. Other people can have the same needs as you do.

Do It!

After thinking about your idea and making a detailed plan about it, you should do it.

Do something that is compatible with different devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPhones, iPads…). It amplifies the number of customers and you can be more successful. Just remember that your customer might require regular upgrades.

If you do not have any skills as a developer, you have three options.

1) Do it yourself using software to help you (no coding required)

2) Pay somebody to do it

You can use freelancers to make your dream come true. Search them on websites like:

  • (expert people)
  • (low-cost experts)

In the same websites, you can find someone to make a logotype for your project. It gives it a touch of individuality and helps to build a brand.

Important tips if you opt for contracting a freelancer

  • Do not give the full idea of your project, when you are searching. Just tell you are searching for an expert in app development and a web designer. Select the one you think is the best option.
  • Give a limit of time to finish the project and send the file to you.
  • Use to pay. The person will only be paid when the work is finished.
  • Citing Gerry Marrs, do not offer the sky when negotiating work for your business. With the right app, you stand to make plenty of profits.

3) Collaborate with someone

This can be the least expensive way to create an app.  You must work with someone with some experience in web applications design and usually, you give him/her a commission on the sales made.

Where to sell it

After an app is made you should sell it. You have 3 main platforms where you can sell it:

  1. Google Play –  for androids (one-time fee 25 dollars).
  2. Apple store – for iPhones (99 dollars annually).
  3. Amazon – for androids (the first month is for free and after you pay 39,99 dollars monthly plus additional selling fees).
  4. In your own website.

Advertise and sell

You can also advertise your app in forum communities, social media, discussion groups or make a distribution to targeted clients (imagine I make an app for vets, I can try to go directly to some vet shops and try to sell it directly from my website).

Your family and friends can also give you a hand. You can pay them a commission for each application they sell. They earn and you too.

Finally, if you make business cards, t-shirts, bags or pens with your app name and logotype, it can also help to give you visibility and increase your income.

With all these tips, you can now make money with apps. If you are new here, see also my article about ways to make money online faster.






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