Discipline: the main factor to succeed

According to Yokoi Kenji, a motivational lecturer, with Japanese and Colombian nationality, the main factor that makes Japan the third largest economy of the world is DISCIPLINE.

Japan does not have gold, petrol or natural resources that allow them to export and make money easily, but they have had the discipline and the determination to make/put technology working, selling it around the world (Sony, Nintendo, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi are just some examples).

Here is where we come, Mums. If we want to succeed as CEO, if we want to find a way to work from home or build our own business, we need discipline! Plan our projects, achieve knowledge, work hard and never forget discipline!

Another important way of the Japanese way of thinking about business that can perfectly suit us is that a business is like a baby. It has 20 years to grow and be profitable.

The first 10 years are for put it up and study the best ways to grow it.

The “teen” years is when it starts to bring some income.

Adulthood is the at the top, when if well planned, it will bring results that will feed you and all your family.

I am not saying it will take you or me 20 years to be successful, just that we must not give up towards the first obstacles if our business does not give fruits after some months.

Be perseverant and try to understand if you are applying the best technics or methodologies, as you do when you are growing a child.

Remember, “There are no peaks, without valleys”.

What is discipline?

According to Yokoi Kenji, it is necessary to surpass 3 steps in order to achieve discipline:

  1. Tidying
  2. Cleaning
  3. Be punctual


We must have our home and our work environment tidied in a way that everything has its own place (the keys are always put in the same place to avoid forget it and lose time; the shoes can be in a furniture near the entrance; the documents must have a specific archive, placed in a specific cage, etc).

In Latin America, they have a saying:” have your house tidied as if it belonged to a blind man”, so you avoid stress and losing time when looking for your belongings. Remember that “time is money”.

2. Cleaning

In Yokoi Kenji point of view, cleaning means not only to remove dust but also throw away things you do not use. Japan apartments are very small, so every 6 months, there is the habit to throw away things you do not use.

Do not attach yourself to objects by the value of esteem or you will end up having too many things, that occupy space and time to clean/tidy.

3. Be punctual

This is the last stage to reach if you want to achieve discipline. You not only need to be tidy and clean, but it is essential to be punctual in every single moment of your life: in meetings, when making plans and so on.

Only then, when surpassing every one of this stages, we will be capable of achieving discipline and, consequently, success.

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