Building up the blog:required pages to improve Seo ranking

Hi, Mums!

Hope you started to think about planning your way to success, that we talked about in the last post (Mum.CEO: planning the first step) .

I am still building up the blog and thinking about what pages should I put on it.

According to the author John Slavio, in his book SEO : step-by-step beginners’ guide to dominate the first pages using Google Analytics, Adwords, etc  ( that I read avidly) , if you want to be professional, you must have all the required pages mentioned below, in order to get the attention of Google or other search engines like Bin or Yahoo.

And how can I get to you, if we do not know each other already? I probably should listen to his advice.

Required pages in a website in order to achieve a higher ranking in search engines

•About Page

•Disclaimer Page

•Terms of Service Page

•Privacy Policy Page

•Contact Page

Now, let’s see what is exactly each one of them.

About Page

It is a kind of ID about you and the purpose of your website. It must be honest and also have a minimum of creativity, once it is the second most seen page in a website, according to the statistics.

Disclaimer Page

It defines the limits , protecting the owner or the publisher of the website from any malicious attempt concerning subjects like defamation or copyright infringement.

In case you want to write a Disclaimer but do not know how, there are several Disclaimer generators for free in the web, like

Terms of Service Page

It is a page where you define the rules, terms and guidelines of your website.

There are also some generators , like, that save you so much time.

Privacy Policy Page

It lets  the readers know that every information they provide you is protected and will not be exposed or used maliciously.

For more information and tips go to

Contact Page

As the name suggests is here that you provide your contacts to the reader. Some put that information inside the About Page.

Hope this information was useful to you. It is true that in other blogs you can find this information more detailed, but the intention here is to simplify it and make it “ clear as water”, in order that beginners can understand it.

Please let me know if you think some information is not correct or that it can be improved.


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