Siblings rivalry and Playground.Zone

Mums, the last two weeks my children have been fighting with each other so often, that it has been hard for them and also for me to control feelings of irascibility that come from that.

Even if I am trying to be patient, constantly reinforcing that siblings should make an effort to get on well, do not offend or hit each other, that they should try to be best friends, that respect is one of the most important rules between people, it seems that my messages are getting lost somewhere. Is it normal or am I failing as a mother?

I try to make activities together with them every single day (like the ones in this link and in this one too) and at the same time trying to give them some space because they always want me to play with them and I think they should try to do it together or alone more often.

They are still young (3 and 4 years old) and I have never had brothers or sisters, which makes it harder for me to understand these rivalries. When I was teaching, students did not have brothers or sisters in the same class, so it was never a subject I had to deal with…until now.

I had so many plans for this week in terms of writing. I wanted to write more articles on Mum.CEO about Google AdSense and investigate deeper the way it works in small details.

I started to write some articles on the new website I have (https://Playground.Zone) but I feel it could have been better and more. These rivalries took me out so much energy that when I wanted to come and write it down, it did not come easily, so I decided this week I would talk about siblings rivalry in Playground. Zone and take advantage of that too to let you know about this new website.

Maybe you have the same problem or have ideas about the subject.

I must write more articles, read more, maybe change the visual of the website a little bit.

I am not sure about Mum. Ceo visual too. Since I put the advertisements it looks very different, not so “clean”.

I could not make anything with the online courses since the last week or even study.

So, I ended up reading again some chapters of the book  I read one year ago called Siblings without Rivalry, from Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It helped me to remember very important tips, that I have not been using.

In case you have siblings rivalry at home too, maybe you find this article useful. Otherwise, give your suggestions. I am all ears and maybe it can help other mothers too.

How to make money from your website?

Mums, if you are not new around here, you probably noticed I put advertisements in the blog. It does not look as “clean” as before, but it was one of the ways I found to put in practice some of the knowledge I have been acquiring during this motherhood/CEO journey. Also, a way to make money from the blog.

Recently I have been reading and listening to videos about this subject and found that if I put that information together here, it could be useful for you too.

The easiest ways to make money with your website

> Google Adsense

If you have a blog, a forum or other type of website, Google Adsense can be an option to have an extra income. Adsense is an advertising platform that allows you to earn money.

The amount you will earn depends on several factors:

1. The quantity of visitors/followers (the most visitors/followers you have, the biggest chance to get a click in one of the advertisements presented on your website).

2. Said that the number of clicks and the time people are watching your advertisement are what decides mostly of what your income will be. Adsense also gives you a commission per thousand impressions (in a simplified way, impressions are the number of views of your posts. If people view your posts, consequently view the advertisement you have there. So, even if they are not clicking they are watching that advertisement somehow and that counts too, even if only in every 1000 views).

3. The content quality (the best the content is better because you will have more visitors/followers and consequently it increases the probabilities that somebody clicks in the advertisements. Do not click in your own advertisements, because Google has smart ways to know it and it can block your Adsense account. Just use White Hat techniques to increase your website visitors.

Maybe you do not know it but through cookies, Google tracks what sites you have been watching and considering that and the country you are located in, they choose the advertisement that will appear in your screen, when you enter a website.

It means that advertisements are not static, they change according to the person, computer and location of the person that is visiting your website. That can increase also the probabilities of receiving a click and make more money with your blog.

You can also adjust the type of advertisement you would like to use in your page and be attentive to your website design because not all of them are Google Adsense friendly.

In another post, I will tell you how to create a Google Adsense account.

> Affiliates

The second way you can make money easily with your website is with affiliates.

Affiliates are companies/products that you recommend on your website.

Trough a link you put in your webpage (you must contact the affiliate and have a code to generate that link in your page) and each time somebody purchases something from them through that link, you earn a commission.

There is an infinity of affiliate marketing possibilities but you should choose one that is trustable and that sells something connected to your niche. If you have a website about babies, you should just choose affiliates connected to baby products. Otherwise, people will not be interested even in click on that link.

Do not think about the money but in satisfying your audience, that is the one you are writing for and that you should please.


  • AMAZON ASSOCIATES – The most trustable in the market. Conversions are very high. If you get a purchase, even if in a different category than the one visitors “clicked” in your page, you will receive the value of the total purchase the visitor made. To make it clear, imagine your visitor clicked on a link in your webpage to buy diapers on Amazon, but at the end, when entering Amazon via your website, that visitor bought toys and clothes for baby, you will get the commission for all the purchase and not only the diapers. Even if commissions are not that high, if a person makes a good purchase, you earn a good commission. Just watch it here:
  • CLICKBANK – Is another affiliate program. It uses mainly digital products but there are also some physical products. Once many products are expensive, you can get a commission of 75% (not so common, but possible). You should also check the “gravity”, that tells how many affiliates sold that specific product during the last week. The more gravity you find, the better are the opportunities for you to seel that product if they are according to your niche. You must put banners of them on your page to be profitable.
  • SHAREASALE – Is mainly focused on tangible products (not digital). You can get up to 20% of commission in some products. It pays monthly, contrary to other affiliates.
  • RAKUTENAFFILIATENETWORK– You need to have a considerable amount of visitors monthly and page views superior to 500. Based on that information, they will pay you more or less. Just use it when you have a bigger audience.

When choosing an affiliate you should choose those who are a compliment but not a competition to your website. If you are selling products for babies, do not bring an affiliate that sells the same kind of product. Choose, for example, an affiliate that sells books about babies or parenting.

There are other ways to promote affiliate products. One of them is picking a niche in Google or another web browser (for example, write “Football affiliates” in the browser and several options will appear according to the niche you chose). Just be more careful with this last option, because some affiliates are not trustable and are not transparent.


They are basically informative articles with the intention to advertise a product.

The article gives you information about some kind of subject/product and at the same time, it is advertising the product it is talking about, in a subtle way.

Advertorials, to be effective, must give priority to good content. Only after that, they must include the advertisement (70% good content + 30% advertising is the perfect formula to be successful with this kind of monetization).

I remember some time ago I was reading the news on BBC and suddenly I saw an article about a product that was supposed to heal eye problems. I thought “this is BBC so it has credibility and it is not trying to cheat me”, but at the end, they were trying to sell that product. Only then I got aware of advertorials.

There some important rules with this kind of monetization:

  1. You must have a considerable amount of traffic on your website (at least 500 people every month).
  2. You must write something with quality and credibility.
  3. Do not sell yourself cheap. The most traffic you have to most you can charge. Imagine you have 500 to 1000 visitors every month, it would be normal to be paid 50-100 dollars. If you had 10000 visitors per month you could charge 200 dollars, and so on. There is not a fixed amount, but experts recommend not to sell yourself for a low price. At the end you are giving them the space in your blog and the audience for the company to be advertised.


This is another option to make money with your website. Not easy as the last ones.

You can sell your own products, tangible or digital (online courses, books, clothes, toys, etc).

For this, you need to create your online store, receive payments in PayPal or other methods and find a way to increase your audience.

Share your ideas and let me know if you have something to add.

Have a nice week!








What is your passion?

Mums, have you already found your passion in life or do you feel you have no idea about it?

What we are taught to do since we are young

Many of us are taught to follow the rules of the system, get a job from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., receive a decent salary and live like this until the retirement day arrives. Then, if you are lucky and still have some strength you can finally enjoy life when you are in your 60’s. This because you passed the most productive years of your life doing something you did not enjoy to earn something you think can give you more stability.

I was taught like this until I met my husband. He is American and I am European. I know it can sound like a prejudice, but in Europe, we are mostly taught to follow a system and its rules, have a job, work for somebody because it is economically “safer” and more comfortable, while in America (for this I mean American continent) there is somehow a common incentive to do what you love and to endeavor, considering your passion, because people believe that if you do what you love you have much more probabilities to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend our life doing something we like and be paid for that?

It is ok you do not want to be an entrepreneur but even if you are working for somebody you should be happy doing it. That means you would feel more satisfied and it could also have a positive impact on your health – less stress, more enthusiasm and the results for the company that hired you would also be better, for sure.

Five Ways to find your passion in life

Do not expect that after reading this article you will have an epiphany about what your passion is (maybe you have it – lucky you!).

Usually, it requires some hours, days or even weeks of reflection until you can find the right answers.

After I made this search for myself too (it took me weeks to find the answer), here are some questions I found helpful.

1. What would make you wake up from bed at 4 in the morning with joy?

This is a tough one, isn’t it? However, if you find the answer, you are definitely in a good way to find out what your passion is.

Would you wake up early to make a trip? Would you wake up early to read a book? Would you do it to go running or practice a sport? Think about it.

2. In what would you spend your time, if you had financial abundance?

Imagine you have full freedom to spend your money without thinking in “tomorrow”. Then you would do what you enjoy because you would not have the concern about money.

Would you attend an art course? Would you make volunteering? Would you become a writer? Would you travel around the world? Would you create an ONG to help refugees? Would you spend all your time resting (in this case, maybe you could open a company that made bed mattresses)?

3. Make a list with what you do not like doing and with what you are mediocre at.

It can sound something simple, but many times we do not even think about it. When you make a list with what you are not good at or with what you do not like, you eliminate many options.

This exercise can help you to find what you like and what you do well (not necessarily with excellence, but fairly good) more easily.

4. Try to imagine yourself in five years. What would you be doing, when you visualize it?

When you make this exercise you think about your future, about what you would like it would be (you will certainly think about something that you like, which can lead you to identify your passion).

Have you ever read the book The Secret, from Rhonda Byrne? Most of it is about visualization and its importance to lead your mind and (un)conscious to act somehow and bring results you wish or attract the most.

According to Marci Shimoff:

Many people in Western culture are striving for success. They want the great home, they want their business to work, they want all these outer things. But what we found in our research is that having these outer things does not necessarily guarantee what we really want, which is happiness. So we go for these outer things thinking they’re going to bring us happiness, but it’s backward. You need to go for the inner joy, the inner peace, the inner vision first, and then all of the outer things appear.

5. Try something new 

Try something new can also help to find what you like. It can be a new experience or a new reading about a subject you are passionate about. That can bring you new ideas, other points of view, a different focus for your thoughts or ways of life.

Citing Harriet Tubman, before finishing this post:

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.